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Our Story

Our vision is to build a future where in Stubcart is a name across the country and is known worldwide for creating unique way to develop rural areas and superior community living by maintaining highest standards of quality to ensure customer delight.

Initially the Company was started as Builders and now extending its wings to the new E-commerce business on FMCG products to sell in rural areas. All our endeavours at Stubcart revolve around just one entity – our customers. It is their needs, demands and ideas that drive us and they continue to remain at the centre of our universe. Our success and rapid growth is built on the spirit of entrepreneurship, innovation, and an unwavering focus on meeting the needs of our customers. We believe that a strong sense of shared values enables us to maintain a common company culture and community, no matter how large we grow.

Company Values


We are empowered to do and say the right thing, even if it doesn’t make us the most money. We are empowered to be honest. Honesty is integral to everything we do. Honesty leads to trust, and trust is a basic element in all forms of human communication.


We believe we can make a better place. The future of our lives, our community, and our country lie in our hands, and we have the ability and responsibility to change them for the better.

We Build Trust

We build trust through transparency and open, authentic communication. We assume positive intent and we are the first to extend trust.


We have a responsibility to follow through on our commitments and know that accountability is the foundation of organizational effectiveness.

Customer First

The interests of our community of consumers and merchants must be our first priority.


We believe teamwork enables ordinary people to achieve extraordinary things.


Employees who demonstrate perseverance and excellence are richly rewarded. Nothing should be taken lightly as we encourage our people to "work happily and live seriously."

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